Lama Yeshe in aspect of Heruka Vajrasattva with Consort

The Vajrasattva Gompa, which is situated beside Lama Yeshe’s Stupa, is home to a statue of Lama Yeshe in Heruka Vajrasattva aspect with consort.

This very beautiful statue arrived at Tushita the winter of 1998. Since then it gave the many 3-month Vajrasattva retreatants and other practitioners much joy and inspiration.

Lama Yeshe once expressed the hope that all of his students would make the time to do the Vajrasattva retreat at least once before they died.

The Heruka Vajrasattva sadhana used during the retreat was composed by him.

Jhado Rinpoche with Vajrasattva retreat leader Richard and retreatants.