Tushita’s Annual Report 2014

We’ve been keeping records of the demographics of our residential students since 2009, and we’ve worked out some pretty geeky statistics from this data that we have been enjoying very much.

In the 6 year period 2009 – 2014:

  • We had almost 8,000 residential students, from 88 countries
  • Their age range was between 16 and 81
  • We also had more than 40,00 attendances on our Non-Residential courses and Drop-in sessions
  • Making a total of 48,507 participants in 6 years!

2014 - 6 Year Numbers

You can see that since we started keeping records in 2009, Tushita has grown a lot, particularly since we began to offer our daily guided meditation sessions in April 2010 (therefore the jump in 2011 partly reflects the fact that these sessions ran throughout the full 2011 season, 2 months more than in 2010). As you can see from the chart above, in the past 5 years, our drop-in sessions have amassed almost 40,000 “cushion units”!

That’s to say that the same people often attend these sessions frequently, so it wouldn’t be accurate to say that this many individuals had attended, but no matter how you interpret the figures, our drop-in sessions are definitely well attended!

Logistically though, it’s the rise in student numbers on our residential courses that makes the biggest impact on us; participation on our Introduction to Buddhism courses saw a 40% increase in the first 2 years, and has leveled off since then – at our maximum possible capacity. Our numbers haven’t risen significantly since 2012, because we simply can’t fit any more students or courses in! The only factor we really notice affecting our records is how many non-residential courses we have the time and resources to offer.

Our general experience is that whatever we are able to offer, people come!

But who are these people who come on Tushita courses?

Answer: Our students are a very diverse group of people, in all the following ways:

Nationality Age Gender Previous Experience