How old are the students on Tushita’s courses?

Between 2009 – 2014, our youngest student was 16 years old and our oldest was 81; that’s 65 years of diversity!

2014 - 6 Year Age Range

As you can see from this graph, there’s a predominance of students in their 20’s on our Introduction to Buddhism courses. However it also shows good coverage across age groups. The ring chart below left shows that 58% of students are under 30, 26% aged between 30 – 40, and 16% over 40.

The mix of age groups among Intermediate Level students is much more even however, despite representing almost exactly the same age range, as you can see in green in the chart comparing the 2 types of courses below.

2014 - Intro Age

2014 - 3 year age difference




Answer: Our students are a very diverse group of people, in all the following ways:

Nationality Overview Gender Previous Experience