Have your students studied Buddhism or Meditation before?

2014 - Experience LevelThis is a question we ask people when they register for a course, so we analysed the results.

From our Introduction to Buddhism registration forms over a one-year period, we gathered the information presented in this chart.

As you can see, almost half the students on our Introduction courses are complete newcomers to Buddhist Philosophy and Meditation.

Combined with the 39% who have had some previous contact with Buddhism, through books for example, our course is the first time that 85% of our Introduction students have taken a Buddhist Philosophy or Meditation course.

This means of course that 15% of students do have significant prior experience when they take one of our Introduction courses, which shows that they can be of value to people of all experience levels!

All our other residential courses require having taken one of our Introduction to Buddhism courses before, while our group tantric retreats have an additional pre-requisite that participants must be Buddhist Practitioners (ie, have taken refuge).


Answer: Our students are a very diverse group of people, in all the following ways:

Nationality Age Gender Overview