June 15 – 25, 2016

led by Geshe Kelsang Wangmo

In this course we will learn about Bodhicitta, the mind of enlightenment as presented in Maitreya’s Abhisamayaalamkara.

We will examine in detail what is Bodhicitta, its definition, divisions, causes and what can undermine it. We will discuss the methods to reducing the self-centered attitude and how to replace it with an attitude of cherishing others.

The course includes lectures on traditional scriptural passages, analysis and discussions, questions and answers, guided meditations, and time for reflection.

Students should have an understanding of the basic concepts of Buddhism, such as the four noble truths, the two truths, and so forth.

For recommended reading we suggest any book on Bodhicitta and the Lam Rim, the Graduated Stages of Enlightenment, especially the section on Bodhicitta.

The revised course material you can find here.


Geshe Kelsang WangmoJune 15 – 25, 2016