The Two Truths

June 14 – 24, 2017

Led by Geshe Kelsang Wangmo

This is an intensive 11-day ADVANCED study course! As a prerequisite we highly recommend having done at least an Introduction to Buddhism courses AND an intermediate course or other studies.

We are constantly interacting with our environment – we work, shop, travel, study and communicate with others. In the process we rely on our perception of our surroundings, trusting that it provides us with sufficient information to take the right decisions about how to behave, what to avoid, with whom to associate, and so forth.

But at times we may wonder whether what we see, hear, smell, and taste really exists in the way we experience it; whether our sense of the environment, other people and ourselves is reliable and based on reality.

These are some of the central questions addressed by the Buddha, in particular when he set forth the two truths.

The two truths – the conventional and ultimate truths – is one of the essential topics in Buddhism, and it relates to the way we ordinarily perceive phenomena and the way phenomena actually exist.

During this course, we will be reflecting on and discussing the two truths as they are set forth in the different Buddhist philosophical systems especially the Madhyamika Prasangika.

Each session will consist of lectures, discussion, and meditation, in order to generate deeper insight into our perception of reality.

The Two Truths

Geshe Kelsang WangmoJune 14 – 24, 2017